Camping On Your Period: 8 Pro Tips

Worried about hiking or backpacking while on your period? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to comfortably and safely adventure outdoors during menstruation.

Learn tips for managing flow, disposing of products, minimizing odors, packing right supplies, tracking cycles, and choosing the right hiking routes and partners. Don’t let your period stop you from exploring the outdoors.

Camping On Your Period: 8 Pro Tips

Can You Go Hiking On Your Period?

Hiking while on your period may seem daunting, but it is possible with the proper preparation. Many women choose not to let their periods stop them from enjoying outdoor adventures.

With some planning and adjustments, you can comfortably and safely hike during menstruation.

What Do You Do With A Tampon While Backpacking?

When backpacking on your period, carrying tampons is a must. However, proper disposal of used tampons in the wilderness takes some forethought.

Carry a small zip-lock or odor-proof bag to store used tampons until you can pack them with the rest of your trash. Digging a hole to bury tampons is not recommended as it contaminates water sources and attracts animals.

What Animals Can Smell Period Blood?

Many animals, like bears, wolves, cougars, and sharks, have a strong sense of smell. Their powerful noses can detect blood from miles away.

Although period blood is not likely to attract predators, it’s best to take precautions like storing all blood-stained items in bags.

Does Period Blood Attract Bears Or Other Animals?

There is no definitive evidence that bears or other wildlife are attracted to or can even detect the scent of menstrual blood.

However, as a safety precaution, you should still store any used feminine products in bags and hang them with your food at night.

Camping On Your Period: 8 Pro Tips1

Eight Tips To Go Hiking Safely For Menstruating Women

Monitor Your Menstrual Flow

Keep track of your cycle and avoid hiking on heavy-flow days—schedule hiking when you expect a lighter flow.

Your Hiking Route

Opt for shorter, more accessible hikes close to restroom facilities during menstruation. Save long backcountry routes for other times of the month.

Your Hiking Partners

Hike with understanding companions who can assist if needed. Don’t be shy to share that you have your period.

Carry Reusable Menstrual Cups and Tampons Over Sanitary Pads

Cups and tampons are more practical and create less waste when backpacking.

Carry Unscented Wipes And Hand Sanitizer

Stay clean and avoid odors. Pack out used wipes in a bag.

Pain Relievers Should Be Included In Your First-Aid Kit

Be prepared to manage cramps. Ibuprofen or other pain meds can provide relief.

Choose The Right Clothes

Wear comfortable, breathable layers with dark-colored bottoms. Bring extra underwear.

Leave No Trace

Properly dispose of feminine products off-trail and pack them out. Burying is not recommended.


You are hiking during your period, which can be done safely and comfortably with the proper preparation. Use reusable products, monitor your flow, carry pain relief, and leave no trace.

Don’t let menstruation stop you from enjoying the outdoors! With some forethought, you can manage your cycle confidently while hiking and backpacking.

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